Last Of The Singing Peace Chiefs is the debut solo album by Will Kallinderis, a collection of songs with upbeat acoustic guitar and full-throttled harmonica soloing accompanied by the soothing backup vocals of local talents Michelle Byrne, Natasha Luke and Julia Carosella. Also featuring the bass styling of James Byrne on ‘Once Upon A Time’ and the album’s titled song ‘Last Of The Singing Peace Chiefs’.  The songs have a vintage roots vibe, lyrically catchy with messages evoking the album’s overall theme to respect nature. Soothsaying with musicality that shines with Will’s creativity and individuality. Some of the songs, Pass The Peace, Where Eagles Fly, Last Of The Singing Peace Chiefs, Sweet Sailing… have been reworked in The Young Sequoias live performances adding a fuller dynamic sound with Matt Colyer on drums and percussion.

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